The Project

Create a more functional and informative website for an expanding home service business in the Denver area.

Client Care

Despite their rapid growth in recent years, Denver Fireplace Services was a fifteen year old company with an age-old problem: Finding the right channels to reach potential customers and give them a message which would earn their trust right away. In previous years, yellow page ads and radio sponsorships had been simple and effective, but were now losing their impact. As for trust, when your company comes into the customer’s home and performs crucial maintenance on a gas-powered appliance, you need to establish your expertise and track record immediately. The company website also needed to be updated to be responsive on all devices as well as more useful to customers and the Fireplace Services team. The site also needed a strong SEO effort so searchers would find it as easily as yellow page users found the firm’s phone number.

We began by updating Fireplace Services’ image with a new logo and a suggested new name: Denver Flame. Then we built a new mobile-friendly website. The site made extensive use of the beauty fireplaces bring to the home and featured prominent, direct, simple messaging about the company’s offerings and how to schedule service. The “why” of using Fireplace Services Denver Flame was addressed as well, with customer testimonials and clear explanations of their services and qualifications.

Lastly, other content on the site—a safety tips page, danger signs page and regular blog—was used to position Fireplace Services Denver Flame as a helpful information resource for customers. Another page was dedicated to an explanation of the process and benefits of the Level 2 Inspection, a specialized procedure that can save homebuyers from dealing with expensive repairs to the gas fireplace system after their purchase. All pages were designed with strong on-page SEO, and regular updated content will help boost search rankings for the Denver area.

The Happy Client

Peace of Mind Marketing was wonderful to work with! I felt comfortable and confident about their professional service, technical skills, and ability to help our website be found on the internet. As a result, we now have a website and logo that have increased our business, credibility and image. I would highly recommend working with them!

Tenele Cadayong
Office Manager, Fireplaces Services Denver Flame