Don’t block your customers

Imagine a grocery store with steep stairs at every entrance and checkouts too narrow for a wheelchair to fit in. How many customers with limited mobility would shop there?

A website that fails to incorporate proper disability-friendly features is the same. Customers find the site has a barrier to entry, and they may be unable to select or pay for purchases because of the site design or user interface. In one case we’re familiar with, an online retailer used an uncaptioned image as their checkout button; users with a visual handicap were unable to make a purchase even if they wanted to!

Each business site needs to account for the following:

  • Customers who are blind or have a major visual impairment interact with websites via screen reader technology, which turns text and visuals into audio information. These users need links and buttons the screen reader can recognize and make clear and usable. Alt text and captions must complement (not repeat) other website copy and clearly describe any photos or illustrations on the page.
  • Those who are color blind or have a severe visual impairment also need the site to be designed with strong color contrast.
  • Deaf and hard of hearing customers need captioning or descriptive transcripts for all videos.
  • Customers who deal with seizures need the site to load and display items in a way that avoids triggering their disorder.

Fortunately, we can make sure your site meets these needs. Get ready for peace of mind!

5,005 Reasons to be ADA Compliant with Peace of Mind Marketing

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    No matter what changes occur in ADA enforcement, you’ll know you have a site that meets standards.

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    Customer Care

    Make sure every customer can interact with you and feels valued.

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    Market Advantage

    ADA friendliness can be the difference that creates customer loyalty in the digital age, and a differentiator between you and competitors.

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    Our Experience and Training

    Our U.S.-based developers have extensive training in ADA compliance and have used these techniques on dozens of business and nonprofit sites.

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    Our Partnership with BIT

    We rely on the unmatched expertise of the Blind Institute of Technology for auditing and testing by users with real disabilities using the same technology your typical customer will use.

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    $5,000 Access Tax Credit

    IRS Code Section 44 makes a tax credit of up to $5,000 available to small businesses for expenses incurred making your site more accessible to the disabled. To qualify, you must have revenues lower than $1 million or fewer than 30 employees. Check with your accountant to ensure you qualify.

An Easy Process for Successful Development

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    Full Site Audit

    An expert at the Blind Institute of Technology will evaluate your site for compliance. We can then discuss the results and develop a compliance plan.

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    Our experienced U.S.-based developers will make all the necessary changes to ensure your site is complaint and customer-friendly.

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    Peace of Mind

    Knowing your site is compliant, you can move forward with peace of mind and great customer care.

Ready To Make A Difference?

Let’s explore what we can do together to make your site fully compliant and make all your customers into raving fans. Get in touch with us and schedule a discovery meeting today!

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